Graphic recording/facilitation

An original and memorable way of recording meetings, seminars, workshops, brainstormings. Thinking Partner creates, in real-time, large-scale, hand-drawn maps which use words (left-brain) and images (right-brain) to render the essence of the content and illustrate the flow of the event. Participants can refer back to past comment in real-time and also add their own content so that everyone is “on the same page” The maps are often used to decorate offices or scanned to be published on a website or in hard-copy.

Viz 101

What you can expect: learn basic graphic recording skills, synthesize info, make dictionary of icons specific to professional context, have fun, team-build.

1 day workshop

6-15 participants

Teambuilding through art

What you can expect: Giant murals, speed portraits, art workshops. Original, fun, fast and effective ways to bring together on-boarders or established teams.

½ day workshop

10-40 participants