The word clinic

Where tired words come to be treated and revitalized into meaningfulness.



What you can expect: explore typical story structure, plan, structure and deliver your message. find images to appeal to right brain emotions, say what you mean, find your own authentic voice, be more convincing, communicate differently on more personal level, enjoy communicating, spend less (or no…) time on PPT.


½ or 1 day workshop + 2nd session to follow up on participants’ progress

4-10 participants (or individual coaching by the hour)

 Story boarding

Borrowed from cinema, representing a scenario with simple stick figures and sketchy background, this technique helps clarify and simplify a message. The storyboard is then used as a support to develop the message orally adapting it to different audiences without changing the support.

This technique is of great added value to storytelling workshops

 “PPT is dead, Long live PPT!”

What you can expect: learn to structure, write and deliver concise, memorable presentations without spending hours on PPT.

½ day taster or 1 day workshop + individual follow-up

4-10 participants (or individual coaching, special coaching in English intonation also available)